Dart Hire


Dart Hire is a system where a large quantity of darts is purchased and owned by one (or more if they so choose) individual(s), which is then rented out to the community for a set rental fee at each war. It functions as a convenient way for community members to have enough ammunition for wars at all times without constantly having to replace their own darts that are spoilt or lost at events. It acts to bridge the gap between the newb and the veteran, allowing for all participants to compete respectably. For Sydney’s community, the Dart Hire system acted as an impetus for its growth into what we see today.


Before you are able to gain access to the box, you must register and prepay at the Admin Desk. Here is where your name will be marked off, allowing you access to the box. It is also here where you will be asked a question about the General Rules Set (and in the future, the FF:S rules sets). Answering this question correctly will grant you a discount.


  • $15 for unlimited hire for the day with capped limit as to how many darts can be taken from the box at a time.
  • Discount - if you are able to answer a question correctly about the General/PEW/FF:S Rules Set
    • $5 off


  • Participants must register and pay before they are can use the Dart Box
  • The maximum amount of darts that a player can load up at the beginning of each game is 130. This means a player can load up to 7 18 dart magazines (or equivalent).
  • Players are not able to access the Dart Box between rounds unless it has been opened by an Administrator.
  • As a part of playing in all wars, all participants must assist in the dart sweep.
  • All participants at wars must treat the hire darts with respect i.e. not shooting them directly at trees or other solid surfaces.
  • At the end of each event, please check whether you have unloaded all clips, pouches, and pockets of all darts.

Offers and Prizes

To encourage proper dart sweeping between rounds, the Dart Hire system will involve a set of small prizes for those who put extra effort into their sweeping. We will be offering a $5 coupon to those that the Admin team deems to be the best dart sweepers on the day.

These coupons are non-transferable, non-redeemable for cash, and valid for up to six months only at SNW events where Dart Hire is available.

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