Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag (CTF) is a fast, high pressure game with a heavy focus on team strategy and opportunism. Each team holds a flag which they must protect, while at the same time seeking to secure the opposing team’s flag. This game type is typified by players covering large distances to support a push for the enemy flag, or to defend an incoming attack on their own. The length of games are variable, being very much dependent on the aggressiveness of both teams.



  • To win, a team must be in possession of both flags in their flag holder. Once this occurs, the game is over.
  • When you are Tagged, you must drop the flag on the spot. You cannot carry the flag after you have been Tagged and before you have Respawned.
  • You cannot throw the flag, but you can hand it to other players.
  • Players are able to recover their own flag and run it back to their own flag holder.
  • If a player is recovering their own flag, they must run it directly back to the flag holder and deposit it into the flag holder as soon as possible.
  • A player cannot take their own team’s flag out of the flag holder.
  • Once a player has picked up the flag, it is considered as a part of their gear. This means that Tags to the flag count as Tags to the player.
  • The flag cannot be used as a melee weapon.
  • You cannot carry a flag into your Base. It must be dropped outside of the 3m radius. If a referee or game moderator deems the action of carrying a flag to a Base as gamesmanship, there will be penalties for the offending team.


This section is aimed at answering some of the most common questions about CTF:

  • Q: What happens if a player drops the flag and I Tag the flag before it hits the ground? Are they Tagged?
A: No, once the flag is dropped, it is no longer in their possession. However, if they are purposely dropping the flag to deflect darts from hitting them, it will constitute “throwing” the flag, which is not allowed. Inform a War Organiser or SNW Admin and the issue will be dealt with.
  • Q: If I Tag the flag holder while someone’s trying to take the flag, does it count to a Tag to them?
A: No, the flag holder isn’t part of the flag or the player. You would only score a tag if you hit them while they’re in possession of the flag.
  • Q: What if I see someone who was Tagged in when holding the flag, but doesn’t drop it and keeps running?
A: Call out to them and stand on the spot on which they were tagged. If they ignore your calls, alert the War Organiser or a SNW Admin present on the day. The issue will be dealt with fairly.

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