Flag Bearer


Flagbearer is played similarly to an Assassination gametype, but with an added objective. Similarly to Capture the Flag, each team has a flag to deposit into the opposition’s flag holder, however this flag is carried by a nominated flag bearer who is the only one able to transport the flag.


Flagbearer plays similarly to CTF with half the effort.

  • Both teams choose a Flagbearer to carry their flag.
  • To win, the Flagbearer must place his/her flag in the opposing team’s flag holder first.
  • If the flag bearer is Tagged, they may respawn as normal.
  • Tags to the flag are considered Tags to the Flagbearer (i.e. The flag is now considered a part of the Flagbearer's gear).
  • The flag cannot be used as a melee weapon under any circumstances.
  • The Flag must be on display so that the other team can easily determine who the Flagbearer is. This means that the Flag must be unfurled at all times.


This section is aimed at answering some of the most common questions about Flagbearer:

  • Q: Can the Flagbearer be changed?
A: The Flagbearer cannot be changed during rounds. A new flag bear may be nominated between rounds.
  • Q: What if the Flagbearer drops or loses the flag?
A: Only the Flagbearer is able to handle the flag. The flag needs to be found and picked up by the Flagbearer. Opposition may use this opportunity to hold the dropped flag’s position inhibiting your team from achieving a win objective.

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