HvZ Gameplay

Humans vs. Zombies


Humans versus Zombies (HvZ) is a simply a game of tag that has a twist, you don’t know who is ‘it’. The original zombies are secretly selected through drawing an ace from a pile of cards. These zombies wander with the group of humans until they choose to reveal they are Zombies. They then go around ‘infecting’ people until all the Humans are tagged. Humans have to survive as long as they can, and can use foam blasters and melee weapons to disable zombies for a period.

Gamplay Details

Core Rules

  • Blasters must not fire over 20m flat with stock darts (Nerf Elites, Streamlines, Whistlers etc.)
  • Melee weapons must be made from a soft foam with no exposed plastic or hard/sharp edges.
  • All players begin as Humans, but a number of randomly Humans are also hidden Zombies, otherwise known as Alpha Zombies.
  • At the beginning of each game, players will be divided into small squads of four or five. Players must maintain proximity with their squad members at all times until the first Alpha Zombie reveals.
  • Humans using blasters/foam melee can ‘stun’ zombies with a tag for 30 seconds.
  • When tagged by Humans, Zombies must go down to a knee and count out loud to 30 (We aren’t overly strict on this, because more often than not, Zombies are out of breath. However, we’d appreciate it if you did this as much as possible).
  • If a Human is infected, they must go down to a knee and count out loud to 30 as if they were stunned by a dart.
  • If an Alpha Zombie is infected, they are free to move instantly (they do not act as if they were stunned by a dart).
  • There is no friendly-fire for either team.
  • HvZ is a semi contact sport. Therefore, dangerous acts such as slide tackles, shoulder charges, and diving ankle taps (within reason) will not be tolerated. While we understand that it might be difficult to control your momentum at times, it remains your responsibility to avoid putting yourself into a position where sliding or diving is the only way to slow yourself down.

The Alpha Zombies

  • Zombies are chosen secretly using the deck of cards. Each player receives one card and must keep the contents of that card secret. If that player has drawn an Ace (Or another predetermined card), then they are infected, otherwise known as an “Alpha Zombie”. Cards must be returned before the round starts.
  • Alpha Zombies can choose to reveal their infection and become a Zombie any time throughout the game. This is usually done by suddenly attacking one, or several, Human players.
  • If an Alpha Zombie is tagged by darts/melee before they have revealed, the tag has no effect.
  • Alpha Zombies who are attacked by a revealed Zombie become a Zombie right away like any Human would – their cover is now blown!
  • Upon the first reveal in the round, the Alpha Zombie will be invulnerable to tags until they claim their first victim.

Squad Dynamics

  • As outlined above, players will be divided into small squads at the beginning of each round.
  • Squads will consist of four or five Humans. An Alpha Zombie could easily be in your squad at the beginning of the game.
  • Until the first Alpha Zombie reveals, Humans must maintain proximity with the rest of their squad members. This means that a player can be no more than two metres away from another squad member at any given moment.
  • Once the first Alpha Zombie reveals, Squad Dynamics are no longer enforced – meaning that players can leave their squad if they wish.

Win Conditions

In our classic version of HvZ, there was originally no win condition for the Humans. Zombies would win by infecting all Humans. However, we have been working on ways to give some incentive for the Alpha Zombies to reveal sooner.

Credits to Neil and the Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag group for coming up with the rules set that we based our HvZ rules on.

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