Medic Death Match


Medic Death Match (MDM) focuses heavily on a team's co-ordination and positioning while also placing key players under pressure. MDM encourages players to assess the situations put before them and make split second decisions as to what the best course of action should be.

The aim of the game is to eliminate the enemy team. However, the enemy Medics will do their best to sustain their teammates.

MDM is currently considered our objective based variant of Team Death Match.


  • Each team elects players who will act as Medics for the round in a ratio of 5:1 (5 normal players to one Medic). These players must be declared before the game begins, especially if they have been changed from previous rounds.
  • Medics must wear a high visibility vest over their gear at all times.
  • Medics are able to Revive tagged players by placing a hand on the tagged player and counting to THREE slowly (i.e. one one thousand, two one thousand etc.). This can be done during both Respawn time and Sudden Death, with the bigger impact being during Sudden Death.
  • Similarly to TDM, normal players are subject to a two minute period of Respawn time if they are tagged.
  • After the two minute period of Respawning, Sudden Death begins and tagged normal players can only be brought back into the game by being Revived by one of their Medics - they cannot Respawn.
  • If a Medic is tagged at any time (including during Sudden Death), they are able to Respawn as a normal player (they must remove their high visibility vest before reentering the game). From then on, they follow the rules of a normal player.
  • When a normal player is tagged during Sudden Death, they must take a knee and wait for a Medic to come Revive them. They are able to call for help, but should not give away enemy positions. If their team no longer has any Medics remaining, tagged players must vacate the field with blasters above their heads.
  • To win, a team must eliminate all players in the opposing team.


This section is aimed at answering some of the most common questions about Medic Death Match:

  • Q: Can Medics use tagged teammates as cover when Reviving them?
A: Yes. This is considered a valid strategy since Reviving a player under fire is generally a very risky prospect.
  • Q: Can a Medic hide for the entire round?
A: Yes, but they'd be quite bored and won't be able to fulfill one of their critical roles - reviving tagged teammates during Sudden Death.
  • Q: Can a Medic who has been tagged in Sudden Death Respawn as as a normal player?
A: Yes, they absolutely can. They will no longer be running with their high visibility vests though, so watch out for them.

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