Spark Wars


Spark Wars is a variant of Capture the Flag that sees two players on each team elevated to "Titan" status - meaning they receive the ability to use the Spark. The Spark gives the Titan a bigger, more lasting impact on the game, making them the perfect weapon for breaking down lines and seizing objectives.

Spark Wars is about rallying a push behind your Titans. It is a game of action packed aggression and clashes in the middle of the field. Team dynamic is crucial for victory.

The aim of the game is to cover your Titans as they swoop in to steal the enemy team's flag and protect them as they run it back to your flag stand.


  • Each team elects two players who will act as Titans for the round. These players must be declared before the game begins, especially if they have been changed from previous rounds.
  • Titans must wear a white sweatband around their wrist or hand OVER any of their gear. This represents their Spark.
  • After a Titan has been tagged, they can crouch on the spot and wait for a good opportunity to activate their Spark. To activate their Spark, the Titan must yell out Spark and remove the band from their wrist. This brings them back into the game as if they had just Respawned.
  • Players can disable a Titan's Spark through melee tags. If a Titan is crouched and waiting to use their Spark, players can still melee tag them to disable their Spark as if they were in play.
  • Sparks can only be used once before they need to be recharged at Base. After being Recharged, they can be used again.
  • To win, a Team must assist either of their Titans in capturing the flag.
  • Only Titans are able to handle the flag in normal game time - this includes returning the flag to their flag stand.
  • If both team's Titans have failed to complete the objective after three minutes of play, the game moves to Overtime, where the Flag becomes open for any player to capture. If after another three minutes where no one has captured the flag, Sudden Death will come into play. During Sudden Death, players will not be able to Respawn and are considered eliminated if tagged. Titans can still activate their Spark but they will not be able to Recharge it since the Base is no longer active.


This section is aimed at answering some of the most common questions about Spark Wars:

  • Q: Can Titans use an alternative to a sweatband such as a glove or a hat?
A: No. To make this game as easy to follow as possible for other players and referees, we must keep equipment standard. As such, a sweatband around the wrist or hand is the only thing we recognise as a Spark.
  • Q: Can Titans reload while they're down, waiting to use their Spark?
A: In the past they could, but not anymore. While they are crouched, they are technically tagged and should not be interacting with the game in anyway. This includes reloading. They can, however, switch blasters to another they were carrying and use that instead if they've expended their primary blaster.

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