Towering Inferno


Towering Inferno is an escort mission that takes elements from both King of the Hill and Flagbearer. The indomitable Warden is tasked with guiding the devastating Nuker to multiple objectives around the map and give them the cover they need to destroy them.

Towering Inferno will have a huge emphasis on mobility around the field and skirmishing for position so that the Wardens may be effectively flanked around their Shields. It encourages players to think more about how their actions and positioning will affect the outcome of the game.


General Rules

  • Each team has two types of special players: The Nuker and the Warden.
  • Teams are restricted to ONE Warden and Nukers in a ratio of at least ONE Nuker to every FIVE players, rounded down. If there are six players on a team, there will be one Warden and one Nuker. If there are 10 players on a team, there will be one Warden and two Nukers etc.
  • To win the game, teams must guide their Nuker(s) to each objective so that they can destroy it before the enemy team’s Nuker(s). The team with more objectives destroyed by the end of the game wins.
  • There are a total of three objectives, all signified by traffic cones placed in different locations around the play area.
  • To destroy an objective, the Nuker must be making contact with the cone for 45 seconds concurrently while having a charged Nerf Titan Rocket or Megahowler.
  • The first objective is selected at random and can be opened at any time by the Referees.
  • Each objective opens after the previous one is destroyed, with generally a 30 second gap between them.
  • After EIGHT minutes, if the game is not complete, Sudden Death begins.

The Nuker's Kit

  • Nerf Titan Launcher with THREE rockets or THREE Megahowlers
  • One Blaster (as per the SNW General Rules Set)
  • Nukers must wear a high visibility vest over their gear.

The Nuker's Special Rules

  • Titan Rockets/Megahowlers need to be recharged at Base after being fired/thrown, whether they score a Tag or not.
  • If a player is Tagged by a Nerf Titan Rocket or a Megahowler, they must crouch on the spot on which they were tagged and cannot Respawn (see below in The Warden’s Special Rules).

The Warden's Kit

  • Large melee weapon (up to 1.5m long)
  • The Shield
  • Pistol (as per the Pistol/Melee Rules set)

The Warden's Special Rules

  • The Shield is indestructible - there are no in-game mechanics in which the Shield can be broken.
  • The Warden treats being Tagged by Nerf Titan Rockets and Megahowlers like a normal Tag.
  • If a Warden is tagged, players on the opposing team who have been tagged by a Nerf Titan Rocket or Megahowler are now able to Respawn at Base.

Nerf your own way!